Labs Overview

Life™ Crowns believes there operating with a VALIDATED lab partner is about consistency, security & support.

You've done your homework, studied pros and cons and finally made a decision to purchase Life™ Crowns. What kind of network is in place for service and support? Do you have a clear understanding of the manufacturer lab’s capabilities and future digital vision? As you can see, quite often the importance is in the details.


  • Several years manufacturing excellence.
  • Doctors ask for the Life™ Crowns Brand by name.
  • Approved Precision CAD/CAM systems are used in manufacture.


  • With several years of research and development, creating practical and ingenious solutions to help its customers succeed, the materials of Life™ Crowns have had high ratings from global players such as Dental Advisor USA.
  • Strong Commitment to digital dentistry ensures that we partner only with labs focussed on the future.


  • Life™ Crowns supports your business with technical services and educational resources.
  • Life™ Crowns helps grow your business with business planning, marketing and sales support.
  • Life™ Crowns has a nation-wide sale force calling on dentists and labs daily for support.