Life™ Premium Zirconia

Product Overview

Life™ premium Zirconia is the best balance of Strength and Aesthetics that can be achieved with Zirconia Restorations. In addition to world-class manufacturing practices used in the processing of the materials; its materials also has a unique shading technology that gives the lab a range of 20 shade options and more than 20 special stain options to bring out the most translucent and aesthetic results without compromising strength. The shade and color options are hand-made to match perfectly to the specifications needed.

  • High Translucency
  • High Strength of 1400 Mpa
  • Thanks to a unique shading system, it enables to create highly esthetic restorations. Twenty natural, warm and vivid tooth colors, 20 stain and 7 effect shades and a fluorescent effect shade are available for unlimited individualization
  • Years of clinical experience and millions of successful cases worldwide
  • Limited Lifetime warranty*
  • The patented Customized Hand Layered shading system enables highly esthetic all-zirconia or traditionally layered restorations.
  • Excellent color match to the VITA® Classical Shade Guide and VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER® Shades.
  • High strength allows tooth-preserving ≤0.5mm minimum wall thickness - requiring 3X less occlusal preparation than lithium disilicate glass ceramic because of it's 3X greater strength².

Premium zirconia is the beautifully durable material of choice.

  • Long term Aesthetics
  • Excellent Fit
  • Customised Hand-Shaded Zirconia
  • Upto 8 Unit Bridges with more than 4 Politics

Supplied via Authorized MIlling Partners only

*Conditions apply - warranty provided as per terms mentioned in the warranty card