Why a Crown?

Your teeth play an important role in your overall health as well as your appearance. So, naturally, you want to do everything you can to keep them healthy and looking good. Sometimes, however, tooth decay advances to a point where a tooth is too weak to survive with just a direct restoration or filling. Instead, your dentist may recommend an indirect restoration, also known as a crown or bridge. In these cases, the decayed area is removed and the restoration is fitted over the original tooth. This is a step that can help preserve the health and appearance of your smile.

An indirect restoration, also called a crown or bridge, is used to cover or replace a tooth that is broken, discolored, badly shaped or has too much decay for a fitting , an endodontic treatment needs to be done to remove the tooth decay and then a metal or ceramic crown over the tooth to prevent it from getting damaged.

  • The restoration is fitted over the original tooth after any decay is removed
  • The right restoration will look, feel and last like your natural teeth