How its Made

A Life™ Zirconia restoration consists of two parts:

  • The internal framework (Coping)
  • The Ceramic Overlay

To make a Life™ crown or bridge, your dentist will take an impression of your mouth, and send it to a laboratory. There, a technician will use the impression to create a model of your teeth, and then using computer aided design (CAD) technology will create a digital model. After this through computer aided machining (CAM) he will digitally create a precise framework (coping) for your restoration. This coping is then matched to the shade of your tooth through a patented Life™ process and then a dental technician will build up layers of ceramic onto this framework, so that the final restoration will match your natural teeth. The completed restoration will then be delivered to your dentist who will fit it for you.

Fabrication: Computerised Milling
Color Match: High End Shading
Finish: Customised Fitting Check
2018 & 2019 Top Award Winner* - Dental Advisor U.S.A